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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


About Me

Paul Kiritsis is an interdisciplinary scholar, poet, professional writer, certified hypnotherapist, and a doctoral graduate in clinical psychology. His current internship training experience involves working with individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and severe mental illness at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy in San Rafael, CA. He was enrolled in a schools’ outreach program during the 2017-18 Academic Year, working closely with students at Davidson Middle School every Tuesday. For the upcoming 2018-19 Academic Year he will be working with individuals from the geriatric population at Senior Access in San Rafael. Moreover, he is the psychological testing liaison officer for CIP and is the primary evaluator for neuropsychological testing. He holds a PsyD in clinical psychology and an MA in psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA, and an MA in history (western esotericism) from Exeter University in Devon, UK. He also holds a Grad Dip in Professional Writing and Speech and a BSc in behavioral science from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Kiritsis is the recipient of fifteen awards. He inaugurated the Dorothea Dix Award, enabling those who have suffered mental and physical illness, disability, or injury a chance at recognition through the written word. He is involved with various non-profit organizations and has served as the Vice Chair of the San Francisco Psychological Association of Graduate Students (SFPAGS), the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students' (APAGS) campus representative for Sofia University, and the Vice President of the Greek-Australian Cultural League based in Melbourne, Australia. His diverse interests straddle cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology/neuropsychology, and philosophy of mind on one end of the spectrum and esotericism, comparative religion, history, and mythology on the other.    

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