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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)



Babylonian and Hellenistic Astrology: Was There a Radical Discontinuity?

Blue astrological clock from St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy In an article that will shortly become available to subscribers only Dr. Paul Kiritsis reveals if there was ever a radical discontinuity between the astrology developed and practiced in Mesopotamia and the the later Hellenistic variant that was orientated towards horoscopes. ..

The Zodiac: Pisces the Fish

Date of Rulership: 18th February-March 20th; Polarity: Negative, female; Quality: Mutable; Ruling planet: Jupiter/Neptune; Element: Water; Body part: Feet and immune system; Colour: Sea-green; Gemstone: Moonstone or bloodstone; Metal: Platinum or tin The last archetype on the zodiacal procession is Pisces the Fish. It is most fitting that the cycle concludes wi ..

The Zodiac: Aquarius the Water-Bearer

Date of Rulership: 19th January-18th February; Polarity: Positive, male; Quality: Fixed; Ruling planet: Saturn/Uranus; Element: Air; Body part: Circulation, ankles; Colour: Turquoise; Gemstone: Aquamarine; Metal: Aluminium If we could transpose the zodiacal sign of Aquarius into a psychological archetype, it would no doubt be the rebel or the nutty professor. Unlike many of  ..

The Zodiac: Capricorn the Goat

Date of Rulership: 21st December-19th January; Polarity: Negative, female; Quality: Cardinal; Ruling planet: Saturn; Element: Earth; Body part: Knees, Joints, Bones; Colour: Black, dark grey, and brown; Gemstone: Turquoise, Amethyst; Metal: Lead. Following on from Sagittarius, Capricorn is a sign that is immensely focused on how developments made in various dis ..

The Zodiac: Sagittarius the Archer

Date of Rulership: 21st November-21st December; Polarity: Positive, male; Quality: Mutable; Ruling planet: Jupiter; Element: Fire; Body part: Thighs and hips; Colour: Dark blue, purple; Gemstone: Topaz; Metal: Tin. In my mind Sagittarius is proof of the Aristotelian teleology concerning God as the instigator, primal mover and consummator of a hierarchy of purpo ..

The Zodiac: Scorpio the Scorpion

Date of Rulership: 23rd October-21st November; Polarity: Negative, female; Quality: Fixed; Ruling planet: Mars/Pluto; Element: Water; Body part: Reproductive organs; Colour: Deep red; Gemstone: Opal; Metal: Steel or iron. Attempting to make sense out of the eighth sign of the zodiac can sometimes mimic the insurmountable task of trying to answer a cosmological  ..

The Zodiac: Libra the Scales

Date of Rulership: 22nd September-23rd October; Polarity: Positive, male; Quality: Cardinal; Ruling planet: Venus; Element: Air; Body part: Back, kidneys, and ovaries; Colour: All shades of blue; Gemstone: Sapphire, jade; Metal: Copper or bronze. Libra is probably the first sign in which we see a comprehensive exploration of the concept of duality and a conci ..

The Zodiac: Virgo the Virgin

Date of Rulership: 23rd August-22nd September; Polarity: Negative, female; Quality: Mutable; Ruling planet: Mercury; Element: Earth; Body part: Solar plexus and bowels; Colour: Dark brown, green; Gemstone: Sardonyx; Metal: Mercury or nickel. Up until now, the formative forces expressed by the zodiac under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo ha ..

The Zodiac: Leo the Lion

Date of Rulership: 24th July-23rd August; Polarity: Positive, male; Quality: Fixed; Ruling planet: Sun; Element: Fire; Body part: Heart and back; Colour: Gold; Gemstone: Ruby; Metal: Gold. We have thus far discerned that the dissimilar archetypes stretching from Aries to Cancer contribute vital components to the anatomy of one’s Self. These lay the founda ..

The Zodiac: Cancer the Crab

Date of Rulership: 22nd June-23rd July; Polarity: Negative, female; Quality: Cardinal; Ruling planet: Moon; Element: Water; Body part: Heart, Lungs, and stomach; Colour: Silvery Grey; Gemstone: Pearl; Metal: Silver. In the signs thus far examined, we have seen the formative energies of life achieve expression through different mediums: initially through the spontaneity and ..

The Zodiac: Gemini the Twins

Date of Rulership: 21st May-22nd June; Polarity: Positive, male; Quality: Mutable; Ruling planet: Mercury; Element: Air; Body part: Arms, hands, shoulders, collarbone and lungs; Colour: Yellow; Gemstone: Agate; Metal: Mercury. In the first two zodiacal signs, we saw raw formative powers associated with the beginnings of complex life. Like all rudimentary o ..

The Zodiac: Taurus the Bull

Date of Rulership: 21st April-20th/21st May; Polarity: Negative, Female; Quality: Fixed; Ruling planet: Venus; Element: Earth; Body part: Throat and Neck; Colour: Pink; Gemstone: Sapphire or emerald; Metal: Copper. The explosive impulse that is epitomised by the zodiacal sign of Aries is steadfast followed by Taurus, a stellar bull which appears to straddle the ..

The Zodiac: Aries the Ram

Polarity: Positive, male, Quality: Cardinal, Ruling planet: Mars, Element: Fire, Body part: Head and face, Colour: Red, Gemstone: Diamond, Metal: Iron. Aries is considered the inaugurator of the zodiac, primarily because it is associated with the vernal equinox, a time when the formative forces of Mother Nature are beginning to regenerate and Life finds its pr ..

The Zodiac and Esoteric Astrology: A Short Introduction

Human beings have probably probed the cupola of the heavens in search of meaning since the birth of ego consciousness. This was a time when celestial and terrestrial events succeeded one another for reasons known only to the divine autogenerator of the cosmos, when everything deemed unconscious and inert could speak its mind, when magic was the world language, and when the ..