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Down the Rabbit Hole
Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


"Down the Rabbit Hole" receives The Paracelsus Award

Paul Kiritsis - Thursday, August 07, 2014

Paul Kiritsis’s website, Down the Rabbit Hole, has been awarded the Paracelsus Award by the International Alchemy Guild (IAG) for its elucidation of the alchemical philosophy and its application of alchemical methodology to scientific and artistic pursuits.

All recipients of this award exhibit several unifying characteristics: they express serious intent and deploy intellectual resources centred about the cosmic laws of transmutation and transformation whilst concurrently exhibiting organizational and navigational clarity.  

In the past three years, Down the Rabbit Hole has been dedicated to imparting knowledge in the areas of mind-matter interaction (i.e. the expression of ‘psi’), psychology, metaphysics, psychotherapy, the holistic health movement, mythology, astrology, alchemy, and the history of Western esotericism. During that time it has served as the catalyst for a critical scientific investigation into the validity of precognitive dreams (Dreamscaping Without my Timekeeper: A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams, 2013); has corroborated four writing competitions and awarded four significant prizes; and has reviewed reputed works in the areas of popular science and health. Looking ahead, its coordinator asserts that the sky is the limit; the impetus behind all imminent investigations and subsequent research articles is to apply esoteric thinking and methodology to contemporary science, particularly in the theoretical and experiential substrate of twenty-first century clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience. There’s some explosive material awaiting incarnation from in amongst the esoteric wings!

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