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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Blog Tour "It's all Greek to me" with Paul Kiritsis

- Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's all Greek to me!Have you ever wondered why the Greek gods surround George Washington on the oculus of the dome which adorns the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building? Why are these ancient deities important? Who are they? Why should we open the gates and let them back into contemporary society? Why is myth important? How do we best interpret the myths, and how can we apply what they have to say about the world to our everyday lives? Which is more true, the concept of “fate” that defined ancient thinking or the path circumscribed by personal choice taught and upheld by Christianity and its doctrines? What is the connection between ancient Greek myths and modern Greek folklore? Which are the Greek mythological creatures? Do you know that there is a Greek version of the Slavic vampire? How did Hellenism begin? Why is it that marble from the region of Pendeli and not marble from anywhere else was used by the ancient Greeks to build the Parthenon? Who were the mysterious Minoans and what is the meaning behind the “Labyrinth” symbolism? Why do the modern Greeks place such a strong emphasis on the worship of the Virgin Mary? How has the mother goddess changed and evolved over time? When did the Virgin Mary first appear? Is she merely an archetype, or did she ever live as a historical personage? How is she different from the goddesses of old? Why were many Italian painters of the Renaissance so obsessed with the Divine Feminine? How did Judaism and Christianity modify mythological discourse tin order to subdue women and keep them “in their place”? Apples, a fruit commonly associated with the female gender, have appeared in countless myths; what is their significance? What is patriarchal and matriarchal consciousness; how and why has humanity evolved along the lines of the former? Why have esoteric and metaphysical ideas about the cosmos been gradually sidelined and forgotten, and how do they relate to the latter, to the matriarchal? Men are sons of Mars, and women are daughters of Venus, but are they really? What spiritual truths does myth reveal about the masculine and feminine? Ever since its humble beginnings in Alexandrian Egypt, western alchemy has always spoken of a great secret, that of the Philosopher’s Stone. Why have all alchemists gone to great lengths to shroud this great secret through riddles and obscure language? What is their secret anyway? Why should it only be known by a select few? Why has Plato’s myth of Atlantis become one of the most famous legends of all time? How can we be sure that ancient philosophies put forth by people like Plato, Pythagoras and Democritus are true? How can we relate these philosophies to our everyday lives to maximise personal growth and evolution? Is there a scientific explanation to “miracles” and paraphysical episodes? What does the paranormal and supernatural tell us about the nature of the cosmos? Join my blog in the coming weeks to find out about Greek gods and goddesses, Greek myths, Greek mythological creatures and a lot, lot more...
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