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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


In Search of the Authentic Self now Available for Download

Paul Kiritsis - Friday, October 18, 2013



In Search of the Authentic Self: The Theory and Practice of Higher Psychology (2013) is now available for download for subscribers of It is an e-book based on the theory and practice of humanistic and transpersonal thought and is anatomically divided to reflect this dichotomy. The first part covers individual philosophies and psychotherapeutic methods utilized by some its foremost thinkers [Abraham Maslow and ‘peak’ experiences, Roberto Assagioli and his personality-developmental model termed psychosynthesis, Carl Jung and active imagination, and Arnold Mindell and his concept of the ‘dreambody’] along with humanistic perspectives on mental illness, the role of personal mythology in healing, the mind-body synergy in healing, and past-life regression.

The second part divulges psychological and spiritual techniques that can be used by anybody for the purpose of leading a more authentic and inwardly-gratifying life. Here you will learn how to read and correctly interpret the intercourse of the psychic and somatic unconscious, a phenomenon reflective of the present condition of your soul. You will also learn how to correctly interpret your dreams; how to attain lucidity; how to read body language; and how to expunge subtle apprehensions or irrational fears from your life. Included are a host of meditation, creative visualization, and guided fantasy exercises for relaxation, spiritual ascent, and descent into the unconscious.


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