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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Meditation Exercise for Purification

Paul Kiritsis - Saturday, October 12, 2013



The following meditation exercise can be used to cleanse the three spheres of human experience–the sensations, the emotions, and the higher intellect– of dogmatic content and polarized fanatical ideologies and concepts from which it unconsciously operates on a day-to-day-basis. The exercise is best performed upon awakening or before going to sleep.  



The subject prepares for meditation by allowing the physical body to become completely relaxed; by allowing all emotions present in the mind to drain away; and by summoning mental silence.



Repeat the following phrase, over and over: “May I become so pure that I can embrace the world without wanting to keep hold of it.”



Continue by asserting that, “On the wings of aspiration, I project my personal centre of consciousness upwards towards the Self.”



Authenticate your rejection of the narcissism, possessiveness, materialism, jealousy, exclusivity, and egocentricity of the body-ego and your identification with the altruistic nature of the higher Self with a self-affirmation that includes the phrase, “purer than snow.”



Allow your own personal centre, your own ‘I-amness’ or ego to be permeated by the numinosity of the higher Self.


Meditation on means of purification:

Purification with water

Cogitate on the element of water and its propensity to cleanse and purify everything it comes into contact with. Imagine that a cascade has spontaneously materialized from a precipice and is pouring itself over you, cleansing you of physical and psychological detritus and dirt. Feel it sluicing away your anxieties, your problems, and any unrest anchored deep within you. Stay beneath the waterfall until your skin blushes a warm, vibrant pink like an infant’s. Before dematerializing the ethereal waterfall understand that you have just been reborn and are ready to be irradiated by the numinosity of the higher Self.


Purification with fire

Cogitate on the fire element as the incinerator of contamination and impurities. Fire reduces garbage and organic waste into ashes which then re-join the corporeal appendage of Mother Nature. In your mind’s eye birth a conflagration and watch it engulf the ancient towering gums of a thickly wooded forest. Understand that the fiery consumption of organic material is simply one of the many ways in which Mother Nature regenerates and replenishes herself; corruption of old life, then, can be equated with fomentation of new life. Now imagine that the same fire descends from your higher Self to cremate the impurities of your present, self-conscious personality. Continue the visualization until all impurities are symbolically decimated.  

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