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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Paul Kiritsis Publishes Book on Precognitive Dreams

Paul Kiritsis - Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper (2020) is due for commercial release this April. It will be available for purchase through the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website and all online bookstores.


"Paul Kiritsis’ Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper dances between scholarly research and playful storytelling of anomalous phenomena and extraordinary dreams. Kiritsis addresses a fascinating subject with engaged enthusiasm and descriptive acuity that both informs and entertains. The subject of extraordinary precognitive dreams is not often addressed this deeply, with chapters that cover significant ground in science, philosophy, astronomy, and the human mystery. If you are interested in a scientific conversation about dreams, time, space, and paradoxes, all with creative artwork demonstrating the ideas Kiritsis shares like a passionate discussion in a coffeehouse without laptops, the first chapters of this book will not disappoint. Finally, Kiritsis presents his own (2014) quasi-experimental investigation (n=15) into precognitive dreaming. After discussing personal vs. collective types of precognitive dreams, he gives examples of participants’ dreams alongside their waking life notes. These dreams and Kiritsis’ discussion around their potential levels of precognition (excellent, good, or average) are rich and interesting to consider. At the end of the book he sends his readers off with final thoughts about precognitive dreaming and the tension between fate and free will. In addition to critical investigation, this book is also a creative resource to add to the growing body of extraordinary dream literature." - Angel Morgan, PhD, President, International Association for the Study of Dreams

"Dreams about future events have been a source of speculation for millennia. In his book "A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper" Paul Kiritsis summarizes what is known and what is speculated about this fascinating topic. Kiritsis writes in a reader-friendly manner but does not refrain from addressing the key issues involved, whether they be the role of coincidence or the debate between free will and determinism. Even if you think you know this subject matter well, you are bound to discover historical events, research results, and anecdotal material that you never knew existed."

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author DREAM TELEPATHY, co-editor VARIETIES OF ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCE.

"While the marketplace is saturated with plenty of books on dreaming, dream interpretation, and interpretation of symbols and artifacts that are present in dreams, Kiritsis' book is unique in that the focus is specifically on the study between events, objects, people, conversations, etc. that people reported having dreamt about, with a later manifestation of the same phenomena in waking, day-to-day life. Kiritsis has dedicated his research to such precognitive dreaming, and the resulting book, without doubt, provides a unique, well-researched academic study of this most interesting of windows into the human psyche." - Jonah Meyer, The US Review of Books  

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