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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


The “Mind Machine” Experiments: Pyramidal Power

Paul Kiritsis - Friday, March 29, 2013

“Something outside of known science is happening” – Dr. Luis W. Alvarez

Aim:    To see if a tetrahedral pyramid made of electrically non-conducting elements can in fact subvert the natural laws as we know them. Past research has identified these transgressions of law to comprise the facilitation of natural growth processes in plants and trees; the desiccation of organic material; the immediate preservation of sharp edges on conventional razor blades being used for grooming purposes; and the propagation of dream vividness and recall in addition to positive emotional and behavioural changes associated with life perspectives in individuals who sleep within such structures.  

Hypothesis:    Based on research conducted into the tetrahedral pyramid and on empirical data gathered by independent professional and amateur researchers, I anticipated that the experiment would reveal characteristic differences between the test and control groups. While the reason for this stands outside the contemporary sphere of scientific knowledge at this point in time, enough is known about the universe to propose a resonance with what mechanistic science terms electromagnetism and specifically with a concentration of subtle energies called atmospherics (or sferics) at an explicit locus. Esoteric vitalism understands the latter in a much broader context, namely as a compartmentalised aspect of a greater vital life essence or ether responsible for the phylogenesis of all organic material, living or “dead”.

Materials:       To conduct this experiment you will need a large piece of cardboard (the thickness of a manila folder will do), a pair of scissors, a tape measure or inch-ruler, a protractor, a pencil or pen, cellophane or sticky tape, two saucers or small glasses, and two eggs.

Method:          The successful completion of this experiment requires the fabrication of a miniature “Cheops” pyramid. The type of material used for its construction and the dimensions has been deemed quantitatively unrelated to the phenomenon in question and unlikely to influence the results in any way. Hence you can make them out of cardboard, sheet styrene, plexiglass, fibreglass, and even sheet metal if you wish. The dimension of the square base can be six inches, twelve inches, twenty-four inches, or as big as thirty inches. These details are better left to the individual sentiments of their creator. The only prerequisites are sturdiness and portability; ensure that the final structure can stand erect unaided and can be transported from place to place with a minimum of fuss.

My base material of choice was plain white cardboard. After deciding upon a six-inch square base, I pencilled out the demarcations with the aid of a wooden ruler and proceeded to cut the shape out with a pair of scissors. The four triangular walls of the tetrahedral pyramid were contrived in exactly the same manner. I identified the middle point of the six-inch base being used as a common denominator for all four sides and carefully measured out two straight lines from either end that intersected directly above it. Once all the components had been hewn from the motherboard, I used a protractor to measure out circles at the centre of each triangular flat with a diameter one-third of the pyramidal base and cut them free. The logic behind this is that it enables internal access for the sake of recording data after the experimental trials have begun without having to disassemble and reassemble the pyramid all the time. Following this critical addition, I splayed out the square base in the centre of my workshop bench and connected the bottom of each triangular side flat to the former with white sticky tape. Taking care not to bend or damage the cardboard, I folded each flat at its junction until the respective crowns met at the apex as to form a three-dimensional tetrahedral pyramid and secured each newly formed corner with long strips of sticky tape. To end with I snipped away excess tape protruding from the four base corners and the apex with scissors.

There is an assortment of experiments one can perform to demonstrate its uncanny powers; I elected one connected with its dehydration of organic material and the subsequent retardation of bacterial growth. Preparing the necessary humus that acts as a precedent to the testing phase is fairly simple and can probably be done by a minor. Initiate proceedings by splaying out two small saucers or glasses, cracking a fresh egg replete with yolk and protein material into each one, and then dribbling a small quantity of your own saliva into the containers. Once you’re satisfied with your handiwork, place one of the two into the confines of the pyramid and relocate them to an area free from all judgemental and inquiring minds and generally anybody likely to impede the experiment. Past research confirms that the position of the test item within the pyramidal structure as well as the latter’s orientation is insignificant; therefore one is free to strategize these elements in any way his or her heart desires.



Sample outside pyramid

Sample inside pyramid

(checked at 10.30pm daily)

(checked at 10.30pm daily)


Fresh egg and saliva placed

in container.

Fresh egg and saliva placed

in glass.


No discernible change.

No discernible change.


Bubbles in the egg material; no other change.

Bubbles present; glazed look over the yolk.


First sign of putrefaction; slight smell.

Uppermost layer of egg has been desiccated.


Yolk and protein coat becoming viscous; yellow colour turning orange.

Middle layer of egg has also been desiccated.


Increased viscosity and pungent smell.

Bottom layer has been desiccated; crystallization complete.

Discussion:     The results corresponded with the findings of past researchers, both professional and amateur. Over the course of the week, egg material placed out in an open space free of structural obstructions remained intact for a few days before capitulating to the processes of putrefaction. The transformation of organic matter was heeded by increased viscosity in both the yolk its transparent protein layer, an acquired lacklustre quality and deepening of colour in the former, as well as the inception of the pungent stench usually accompanied by decomposition. Conversely, the egg material placed within the pyramid underwent a vastly disparate process. It appears that the egg was desiccated before the first symptoms of spoilage could manifest, attaining a crystallized form riddled with fissures and cracks as to give the impression that it had been frozen in time.

In the 1970s, a respected scientist by the name of Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan (1944- ) conducted a series of investigations aimed at an in-depth exploration of the remarkable qualities indigenous to tetrahedral pyramids after developing the idea that their relative dimensions act as “"an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy."[1] According to Flanagan, this phenomenon goes far in explaining why the ancient Egyptians utilized this particular geometrical form in the construction of ritualistic and funerary monuments. Helped along by a generous grant from the Mankind Research Foundation, he fastidiously assembled a team of professionals together whose main priority was to garner scientific evidence for his hypothesis. Their investigational trials attempted to demonstrate that electrical energy concentrated inside the pyramid would spawn beneficial effects in organic matter like plants, animals, and human beings. In the end statistical analysis was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt improved rates of growth for bean and pea plants, the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria and fungi on organic materials, the conservation of synthetically produced meats and meat products, and a qualitative improvement in human cognitive function and altered states of consciousness.

These collective findings as well as the speculative cogitations and ruminations that preceded them were distributed in two publications entitled Pyramid Power (1975) and Pyramid Power II: Scientific Evidence (1981). Flanagan’s prerogative to widen his audience and gain their confidence and support marked an initial effort to arrest the attention of the mainstream scientific intelligentsia and perhaps initiate a revolution against conventional thought. However, investigative urges of this type are usually trumped by peer-review skepticism, an experimental method that more often than not carries an unconscious aversion towards anything incompatible with known scientific law. From this opposite standpoint many reviewers would have immediately perceived in Flanagan’s results an investigative process either counterfeit or contrived in nature and either dismissed it as pseudoscience or presented it in such an a banal way in some minute corner of an obscure journal as to escape the attention of any significant scientific body. In the final analysis, it seems as though Flanagan’s work suffered the same fate as Frau Lily Kolisko and her formidable planet-metal experiments.

Our current archetypal models of reality seem to indicate the presence of a subtle energy, power, radiation, vital life force, or whatever else you want to call it whose frequencies can be harnessed to a degree where it becomes perceptible to human cognition. The reasoning behind this statement rests solidly on the founding notion that a pyramid possesses a surface area whose dielectrical constant differs significantly from that of the external troposphere and ionosphere, enough to refract or reflect electromagnetic radiation of longer wavelengths like microwaves. At any rate, the name we loosely attach to this energy is insignificant, given that the unconscious propensity to name things comes from the fallible supposition that this manner of classification somehow confers the perceiver with absolute knowledge of the subject’s origins and composition; its primary and secondary characteristics; and the multifarious ways in which it interacts with its environment.

In conundrums where the fundamental cause remains unknown to modern science, the bottom-to-top process known as inductive reasoning can offer up enough significant clues as to construct an educated guess. For instance, we know that whatever is responsible for the experiential chain of effects within the “Cheops” pyramid accelerates the growth processes of plants and trees, strengthens the lace-like configurations of interatomic bonds that comprise metal alloys, preserves the physical forms of recently deceased animals and other organic materials by mummifying them, and sharpens the coming–and-going trajectories of human consciousness. Mutually inclusive across all fundamental alterations on the molecular, biological, and psychospiritual levels of causation is the augmentation of physical laws that define intermolecular interactions and chemical reactions within formed matter. Put simply, the effects witnessed are all to do with an immaterial energy conducive to the evolution of our conscious universe.

One that seems to address the observed effects quite well is electromagnetism, a force that comprises one of the four rudimentary relations in the universe. Any geophysicist would tell you that the ionosphere is charged with electrical currents of a million amperes which under certain circumstances cause autonomous projections of electricity called telluric currents to course their way along the Earth’s surface via power and telecommunication cables and across the oceans. Concentrated discharges result in lightning and lightning is responsible for the intermittent emissions of fixed nitrogen into the atmosphere. The latter is an inert, dry, and unreactive gas renowned for its catalysis on vegetable growth. Nitrogen also plays a pivotal role in the retardation of bacterial and fungal cultures as well as the oxidization of fats. Its liquid equivalent is a cryogenic agent, freezing living tissues and food products for transportation across vast distances. Any modification to the composition of atmospheric gases where oxygen is displaced with nitrogen could inhibit the oxidization process necessary for the decomposition of organic matter and hence generate phenomena either analogous or identical to those garnered by the pyramidal structure. If there is any truth to this tentative deduction, then there’s no reason why a passive concentrator of a subtle force (which we’ll tentatively label electromagnetism) like the tetrahedral pyramid shouldn’t be able to increase the ratio of nitrogen within its own surface area to the point where it alters the fate of matter.

The above sounds fairly plausible, although I’ll freely admit that I may have reasoning incorrectly and that I’m barking up the wrong tree! But if a tetrahedral prism can magically disperse white light into a hierarchical assembly of different wavelengths (perceptible as colors to the human brain) through refraction, then why shouldn’t a hollow version be able to gather imperceptible wavelengths of much higher frequency like those present in sferics back into itself? Think long and hard about it; the second is neither more miraculous nor far-fetched than the first.  

Conclusion:    The tetrahedral pyramid does exhibit miraculous attributes that transcend the frontiers of scientific explanation. What is more, it appears that the underlying mechanism of causation may in fact be a form of electromagnetic energy allowed to intensify within a surface area whose dielectrical constant differs from that of the surrounding air. Evident from the results is that the tetrahedral pyramid is the possessor of such a surface area. In scrying the properties of the known gases that comprise atmospheric air, it becomes apparent that a specific locale characterized by an alternate dielectrical constant could facilitate enough of an electromagnetic build up as to displace the proportion of oxygen in favour of nitrogen. The latter is a gas marked by cryogenic qualities and hence a fitting candidate to bridge a hitherto unknown phenomenon with the territory mapped out by contemporary empiricism.

Click on the link below to watch Dr. Paul Kiritsis talk about the results:    

[1] William G. Bailey, Frank Hoffmann, Mind & Society Fads (Philadelphia, PA: Haworth Press, 1992) pp. 225.

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