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  • Dreamscaping Without my Timekeeper (Original)

    • Price: $20.00

    Dreaming Without My Timekeeper: A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams (252 pages) is a comprehensive study into the precognitive faculty and its implications from a transpersonal perspective. Through the transcription, categorization, and analysis of fifty-one dream fragments belonging to fifteen participants, the author and experimenter Dr. Paul Kiritsis establishes a strong case for precognition as an authentic and ‘normative’ aspect of human consciousness. He then utilizes the repository of experiences to make nine overarching extrapolations which assist in placing this ‘psi’ phenomenon within an appropriate theoretical framework–incidentally the spectrum of consciousness developed by theorist Ken Wilber (b. 1949). Save for three introductory articles which investigate aberrations to the perception of time incurred by precognitive dreams, the exposition also comes replete with a glossary and references for further reading, an index, and a fictional narrative inexplicable connected with dreams and the notion of time. The latter features a fresh and modern interpretation of Pandora’s Box, a Hellenic myth in which the first woman, Pandora, opens a storage jar entrusted to her by the Olympians that contained all the ills, disasters, and misfortunes set to befall humankind.

    Dreamscaping Without my Timekeeper (Original)