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My collection of eBooks are now available for purchase. Click on any of the books below to read more about them. Should you have any questions please contact me at

  • The Black Art

    • Price: $25.00

    The Black Art (2013), a comprehensive 393-page e-book, contains all of my work on the subject of alchemy, including the following: a lucid presentation on the formative principles (the four elements, the seven planets and metals, and the tria prima); a historiographical analysis on the inauguration and interaction of alchemy with other disciplines/traditions in the West; the viability of its primary objectives (i.e. metallic transmutation, transcendence, and unio mystica with the transpersonal or true Self); the cosmographical implications of the last four plates of the Splendor Solis; and an in-depth expose of the alchemical stages as a psychological process.

    The Black Art