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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Metaphysical Inquiry

Culture Wars I

Culture Wars I: In this installment/episode, clinical psychologist Dr. Paul Kiritsis interviews C'ante Was'te Winyan (Charity Anne Ross) about the pros and cons of growing up in a bicultural home. Topics include upbringing, the experience of casual racism, cultural stereotypes, identification and dis-identification, psychological and religious worldviews, the far-reaching implicat ..

The Survival Hypothesis Interview

In this video Dr. Paul Kiritsis and Charity Anne Ross discuss reincarnation, past-life memories, and other anomalous phenomena. Click on the link below to access it: The Survival Hypothesis Interview (  ..

The Survival Hypothesis: Life After Death and Past Lives

In this episode Dr. Kiritsis takes a deep dive into the abstruse relationship between mind and brain, anomalous experiences, and nonphysical phenomena that challenge materialistic assumptions about reality and nomothetic approaches to knowledge acquisition. Click on the link below to view the video: The Survival Hypothesis: Life After Death (Part One) (http ..

Does Free Will exist in any Objective Sense?

In the YouTube video below Dr. Paul Kiritsis addresses the issue of whether free will exists in any objective sense. "Does free will exist in any objective sense?" - YouTube (  ..

Review of A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams by Reader Views

“This is an irresistible deep dive into a subject that many are interested in yet are skeptical of. Kiritsis brings precog dreams closer to scientific fact, and treats the subject with respect, objectivity, and open-mindedness.” – Reader Views To read the full review please go to: ..

PACIFIC BOOK REVIEW: A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams

"If you’ve never heard about the phenomenon that surrounds precognitive dreams, look no further. This is an incredible exploration into the world of precognitive dreams and the extensive history behind them. Written by scholar and doctoral graduate in clinical psychology Paul Kiritsis, this book delves into the complicated and astounding nature of precognition and precognitive dream ..

Official Review of Precognitive Dreams Book by OnlineBookClub

The official review of A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper (2020) is now available. To access it please click on the link below: Official Book Review by (  ..

Paul Kiritsis Publishes Book on Precognitive Dreams

A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper (2020) is due for commercial release this April. It will be available for purchase through the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website and all online bookstores. REVIEW: "Paul Kiritsis’ Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Time ..

Official Review: The Creative Advantages of Schizophrenia

The has reviewed “The Creative Advantages of Schizophrenia” by Paul Kiritsis. The book was awarded 4/4 stars. Click on the link below to access the review: Book Review by (  ..

Kiritsis to Present at the 2019 ATP International Transpersonal Conference

The Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP, a division of the Transpersonal Institute) will be celebrating the Golden (50th) Anniversary of the transpersonal field on April 12-14, 2019, with an International Transpersonal Conference at Asilomar Conference Grounds near San Francisco, California. Many of the previous transpersonal conferences were historically held there.  ..

Official Book Launch Announced


Confessions of a Split Mind: Review by US Review of Books

SOLIM: I struggle to understand how random activations in functionally specialized regions of an input-deprived cortex could somehow translate into a meaningful, complex, and symbolically rich experience on the phenomenological level." In the question of God versus the natural world, there are many ways to align yourself. Some strictly adhere to scientific thinking or religious  ..

Straddling Worldviews: Reality through the eyes of a modern mystic

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the congenial, effervescent Charity Ann Ross [or C’ante Was’te Winyan, denoting “Woman with a Good Heart” in the Dakota Sioux language], a woman who lives with one foot in a materialistic, linear universe on which the hegemony of the Western mind sciences are predicated and the other in the animistic, non-material univer ..

The Savage Past: An Anomalous Experience that Shaped my Life

Looking back over my own autobiographical history, one anomalous experience standing out like a sore thumb is a dark day in my early teens when I underwent a strange malady of unknown origin (Kiritsis, 2009). It began sometime during the summer of January 1992. I was twelve and had just returned from a family vacation in Adelaide and Mildura, reveling in the aftermath of excitement  ..

Anomalous Healings

Anomalous healings seem to be cross-cultural and transgenerational phenomena. Under the contemporary medical model they are usually construed as “spontaneous remissions” of cancerous tumors, recoveries, and alterations in normatively unchangeable body processes like rapid wound healings (Krippner and Achterberg, 2000). On the other hand the associative techniques and practices whic ..

Types of Anomalous Experiences

Three anomalous experiences that are rare but explained within conventional frameworks are autoscopic hallucinations, stigmata, and the multiple nuclei of consciousness which seems to be the chief characteristic of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). In an autoscopic phenomenon the individual briefly perceives a doppelganger of themselves in extrapersonal space from the vantage point of the  ..

Anomalous experiences: Transformational Crises or Pathological Psychoses?

Psychology has a monumental role to play when it comes to understanding and contextualizing anomalous experiences. The first strides, from a historical perspective, were made in the 1880s by the British Society for Psychical Research. Roughly a century afterwards Stanislav and Christina Grof took it a step further when they pioneered the related terms spiritual emergence and spiritual eme ..

Anomalous Experiences: What are they?

An anomalous experience can be defined as a subjective, idiosyncratic, and/or uncommon experience that is incongruent and/or deviates from the sociocultural-mediated understanding of consensus reality accepted as veridical, normative, and empirically valid by the collective prerogative. This definition is consistent with the definition given by Cardena, Lynn, and Krippner (2000) who desc ..

The Gordian Knot from Confessions of a Split Mind


The ACES Study: Looking for Participants

If you would like to take part in a very fascinating scientific study on "psi" phenomena, please visit the link below: ..

Existence Itself as Symbolic

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio We are all marionettes recapitulating the same circular motions within linear, co-created narratives across expanses of time. On the rare occasion we peer upwards and become aware of the prehensile forces to which we are attached with strings, ..

The Human Imagination: Our Divine Inheritance

For Olga Louchekova-Schwartz “We are gods but we are not aware of it. We suffer from a self-inflicted amnesia. The aim is to reawaken that which we have always been and we shall always be.” – Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis Recently I found myself cogitating the idea that the behavior of the universe is much more harmoniously aligned to a nonphysical than a me ..

Precognitive Dreams and the Collective Unconscious: Paul Kiritsis at the Swedenborg Society

Paul Kiritsis will present his research into precognitive dreams at the Swedenborg Society of Melbourne whose meetings are held at 426 High Street Road, Mount Waverley, VIC. The lecture and discussion will take place on 31st July 2015 at 8.00pm. Lecture and Discussion Precognitive Dreams and the Collective Unconscious Paul Kiritsis’s Dreamscaping W ..

Work in Progress: "Confessions of a Split Mind"

Below are pictures from my personal journal, a work which is swiftly evolving into my own version of Jung’s Red Book.  ..

Human Development: Life through the lens of two developmental theorists

Just as there is no one way to happiness and contentment, so too can the unique mental and physical fields of influence we’ve cleaved in life be interpreted through numerous developmental lenses. Duhem’s thesis reminds us that for any number of facts there can be multiple hermeneutics (i.e. theories of interpretation), and so a most logical deduction would be one regarding all ..

"Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, MD: Book Review

People seldom give any airtime to “psi” phenomena like Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and Near Death Experiences (NDEs), and when they do it’s to mock or decry those who have been brave enough to self-disclose. According to our prevailing Newtonian-based scientific paradigm, OBEs are at the very least fictional narratives of the great beyond confabulated to distract from ..

Mindfulness-based Interventions: Guided Imagery

Guided imagery (GI) has been used to diagnose illness, to mobilize the body’s defenses, and to promote natural healing processes for time immemorial. According to a recent meta-analysis (Kuiken, 2004), clinicians deploy four main types: pleasant imagery, mental rehearsal or reframing, physiologically focused imagery, and receptive imagery. The first involves the creative visu ..

Interpersonal Neurobiology: What is Empathy?

There’s something about the prefix ‘em’ that inspires interdependence, synergy, and mutuality. In fact, certain members in the family of words containing it–words like embody, embed, empower and our focal word empathy–certainly evoke the cosmic phenomena of cohesion, energy transfer, and information exchange. Initially, I had defined the word empathy as &ldqu ..

The Lucid State of Precognitive Episodes: Intrusions or Not? (Part Two)

Our first undertaking is to ascertain the nature of dream content with precognitive or extrasensory detail. What makes these dreams different from other types? Having examined innumerable such fragments in the past, I’ve discovered their grand inimitability to lay in representational tendencies and the radical use of deep symbolization. More often than not, illustrations are th ..

The Lucid State of Precognitive Episodes: Intrusions or Not? (Part One)

The time is definitely rife for an attempted elucidation of precognitive dreams and other lucid states associated with extrasensory perception in terms of a more scientifically cogent paradigm than the one currently offered by the introspection of hermeneutics. As any academically and scientifically sound thinker would proudly assert, any phenomenon hoping to cement itself in the eternal  ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: Biological Systems Research

Over the last decade or so, the new science of epigenetics[1] (file:///C:/Users/Dimitrios/Desktop/Biological%20Systems%20Research.docx#_ftn1) has swiftly and furtively been reformulating the nature-nurture debate to ascribe with the revolutionary discovery that enucleated cells, in other words cells robbed of the nucleus and the genetic material inside, do not suffer immediate death but c ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: The Divorce of Body and Soul and their Celebrated Reunion (Part Two)

To the humanists’ dismay, the conceptual ambivalence created by a scientific worldview in which an outer, measurable reality remained incongruent with the value-laden mental world of private experience ended up birthing a proto-psychological discipline that went under the banner of ‘behaviourism’. Behaviourism continued the diabolical Darwinian enterprise  ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: The Divorce of Body and Soul and their Celebrated Reunion (Part One)

The sciences endeavour to reach some kind of consensual understanding regarding our origins, constitution, limitations, and the projected outcome of our targeted behaviours on both the personal and collective levels. When I think of true science, I think of an aesthetic Gaea-based empirical philosophy mediated by the politic of unbiased observation, a process of critical inquiry that resi ..

Phenomenology: The Placebo Effect

From where do placebo powers start and end? As peculiar as it might sound its effectiveness can be extended to cases of severe, enervating pain where the causative agent is anatomical in nature and acquired through injury. We know for a fact that pain deriving from structural defects to bone and cartilage has nothing at all to do with the mental faculties of imagination or autosuggestion, ..

Phenomenology: The Nocebo Effect

It began sometime during the summer of January 1992. I recall I had just returned from a family vacation to Adelaide and Mildura, revelling in the aftermath of much excitement of the trip up north, which had spawned my first experiences of handling live animals at a farm. All nervousness aside, I was even looking forward to my first year of high school. But shortly after we returned, some ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: An Introduction to Phenomenology

One of the greatest lessons in life was conveyed to me in my youth by my maternal grandmother Despina. As an annual participant of the fire-walking ritual of the Anastenaria in northern Greece, she would frequently reiterate, time and time again, that the element of fire was virtually powerless against the sheer resolution and discipline of the human mind. It was possible to march across ..

The Icarian Children: A Modern Myth about Consciousness, Illness, and Belief

We all sat along the edge of the steep precipice, our small feet dangling in the air freely. Perusing the sprawling ocean that seemed to go on forever, I said, “Any ideas?” “How bout we crisscross blue moons and black pearls?” asked Ariel. “You’re such a crackpot,” said Gabriel with a condescending look. “We’re supposed to  ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: Isis and the Sun God's Secret Name

The ubiquitous Re, mightiest of the Egyptian deities, was known throughout the kingdom of Upper and Lower Egypt by innumerable names. All were common knowledge except one which he shrewdly kept hidden from the conscious awareness of every living creature, divine or mortal, great or small. And the principal motivation for shrouding it? Well, knowledge of such enabled the beholder unin ..

The Holy Mountain: My Pilgrimage to Moni Vatopedi on Mt. Athos (Part two)

The stand out attractions were the Byzantine clock tower, the refectory (trapeza), and the katholikon or principal church with its visual embellishments. Whilst awaiting consignment at the synodikon I had overheard a senior monk informing one of the other pilgrims that the auburn-coloured katholikon was established sometime in the tenth or eleventh century and thereafter consecrated to th ..

The Holy Mountain: My Pilgrimage to Moni Vatopedi on Mt. Athos (Part One)

Three words spring to mind when I remember Mt. Athos in Greece: belief, beauty, and paradox. The hermits, monks, and priests who take up residence on the Holy Mountain and the pilgrims who sojourn there to escape the supersonic pace of the world often find themselves possessed by a conviction in higher causes, the idea that an omniscient eye of cerulean blue is watchful of planet Earth. I ..

The Aradale Mental Asylum: Paranormal Investigations

As many intellectuals have implicated, the overcommercialised and sensationalist haunting investigations we see on shows like “Ghost Adventures” where instruments like tape recorders, radios, computers, and other electrical gadgets are used in the purported communication with denizens of the otherworld are a fashionable equivalent of the mediumistic demonstrations that sw ..


Later this year Paul Kiritsis will present his research into precognitive dreams at the 16th EUROTAS Conference of Transpersonal Psychology due to be held between the 1st and 5th of October at the Pilot Beach Hotel Resort in Georgiouspolis-Chania, Crete. The theme this year is Metamorphosis: Disintegration, Integration, Conscious Living. Presentation or Workshop Title: U ..

The Mesa World Retreat: Synchronicities

In rounding off the collection of posts about the Mesa World experience, it would be remiss of me not to include the chain of remarkable serendipities that presented themselves and then augmented in miraculous and meaningful ways. In many ways it seemed as though the act of rejecting our socio-political patinas, the personality masks developed to meet the stringent demands of Western ..

The Magus of Strovolos and his Miraculous Healings (Part Two)

Mind and body form a single synergistic unit; hence it should come as no surprise that Daskalos’s successes also extended to the psychological ontology. In truth he would frequently refer to himself as a psychotherapist. In the second chapter of the Magus of Strovolos, we learn that a twenty-six year old demure Jewish girl named Hadas suffering from a harrowing psychological pr ..

The Magus of Strovolos and his Miraculous Healings (Part One)

“Ether was once discovered by conventional science and then it was foolishly dropped. But for us it is as real as electricity and we use it in therapy. The notion of etheric energy is in many ways similar to Bergson’s elan vital, to Reich’s orgone energy, to Mesmer’s animal magnetism, and to the Hindu concept of prana.” – The Magus of Strovolos, Ho ..

The Black Art E-Book now available for download

The Black Art (2013), the fourth e-book, is now available for download for all subscribers to ( It contains all of my work on the subject of alchemy, including the following: a lucid presentation on the formative principles (the four elements, the seven planets and metals, and the tria prima); a historiographical analysis on the inau ..

The Black Art: E-book

The Black Art (2013), the fourth e-book, will soon be available for download. It contains all of my work on the subject of alchemy, including the following: a lucid presentation on the formative principles (the four elements, the seven planets and metals, and the tria prima); a historiographical analysis on the inauguration and interaction of alchemy with other disciplines/traditions ..

The 'Mind Machine' Experiments: Pyramidal Power Revisited

“Something outside of known science is happening” – Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Aim: To see if a tetrahedral pyramid made of electrically non-conducting elements can in fact subvert the natural laws as we know them. Past research has identified these transgressions of law to comprise the facilitation of natural growth processes in plants and trees; the de ..

The Magus of Strovolos: Glossary of Terms

Chakras: Psychoneotic centers on the etheric-double of the individual. It is through the chakras that the human personality absorbs etheric vitality for its maintenance. Through appropriate discipline and meditation exercises the mystic tries to open his chakras for the acquisition of psychonoetic powers. To a clairvoyant the chakras appeal like revolving discs. Elementals: Thought forms.  ..

The Magus of Strovolos: Embodiment

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos), also referred to as the Magus of Strovolos. Daskalos was undoubtedly one of the greatest spiritual teachers and healers of our time (like Gurdjieff, Paracelsus, Steiner), having carried out a succession of miraculous cures on many untreatable medical conditions and illnesses. Much of what I will be referrin ..

The Magus of Strovolos: Cosmogenesis

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos), also referred to as the Magus of Strovolos. Daskalos was undoubtedly one of the greatest spiritual teachers and healers of our time (like Gurdjieff, Paracelsus, Steiner), having carried out a succession of miraculous cures on many untreatable medical conditions and illnesses. Much of what I will be referrin ..

The "Mind-Machine" Experiments: Dreamscaping Inside a Pyramid

Dr. Paul Kiritsis is now recruiting participants for the next “Mind Machine” experiment which is intimately concerned with sleep quality, dream lucidity and recall, emotional state, and receptivity to new experiences. The experiment involves sleeping inside a tetrahedral pyramid for three to four days and recording dream content as well as any changes in sleep patterns an ..

Dreamscaping Without My Timekeeper: The Results of the Time Experiment Unveiled

Dreamscaping Without My Timekeeper: A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams is a comprehensive study into the precognitive faculty and its implications from a transpersonal perspective. Through the transcription, categorization, and analysis of fifty-one dream fragments belonging to fifteen participants, the author and experimenter Dr. Paul Kiritsis establishes a strong case for ..

The "Mind Machine" Experiments: Update

In the below video, Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives a summary of the “mind machine” experiments presented thus far as well as his more comprehensive study on precognitive dreams, the “Time Experiment.” The write-up for the latter will be completed and presented online by the end of the month. There is still room for a few more participants; if you missed out when the  ..

A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination

Title: A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination Author: Gerald M. Edelman and Giulio Tononi Copyright: 2000 Genre: Science Price: $18.00 ISBN: 0-465-01377-5 Rating: 4 out of 5 This book is a contemporary product of the mind-brain debate, a neuroscientific inv ..

"All is One": A Dramatization of the Mind-Matter Debate and Causation for Theatre

[Scene opens with physicist Isaac lying across three seats of the front row inside a lecture theatre. He is in a semi-conscious state when Thomas, the theologian, descends casually along the isle and plonks himself on a seat right beside him.] Thomas: Hey Isaac! Isaac: (Shuddering) Damn, you scared me! Thomas: I didn’t mean to. Did  ..

The Time Experiment: Dreams of the Future

Dr. Paul Kiritsis is now recruiting participants for the next “Mind Machine” experiment which is intimately concerned with the issue of precognitive dreams and any implications that their authentication might have for the concept of time. The experiment is based on J.W. Dunne’s empirical studies into the nature of dreams which led to the formation of a controversia ..

The “Mind Machine” Experiments: Symbolic Machines

Introduction: What is a symbol? Most would agree that it is an intelligible and elementary structure, pattern, or design that embodies a series of ideals or assumptions with cultural, psychological, and anthropological associations. The ideals to which they are linked may be multilayered and elaborate or simple and superficial; as a general rule of thumb, they adhere to t ..

The “Mind-Machine” Experiments: Pendulums

Introduction: The New Age movement has heralded the rebirth of many curious little devices that had faded into obscurity during the Age of Enlightenment. Perhaps the most celebrated and widely known of these is the pendulum. It consists of a weight–usually a flawlessly balanced piece of brass, copper or some other metal–suspended by thin threads that are e ..

The “Mind Machine” Experiments: The Energy Wheel

Video showing the energy wheel in motion ( Introduction: The following “mind-machine” experiment involves a curious mechanism called the “energy wheel”. The principle purpose of construction is to demonstrate the latent powers of the mind, and specifically physical affects generated through mental inte ..

The “Mind Machine” Experiments: Pyramidal Power

“Something outside of known science is happening” – Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Aim: To see if a tetrahedral pyramid made of electrically non-conducting elements can in fact subvert the natural laws as we know them. Past research has identified these transgressions of law to comprise the facilitation of natural growth processes in plants and trees; the desiccat ..

The "Mind Machine" Experiments: Dowsing Rods

One of the most interesting yet scientifically unverified forms of divination known to occultists is dowsing. Put simply, it is the unconventional quest of seeking lost objects, subterranean streams and tunnels, areas of geopathic stress, and subtle electromagnetic fields known as ley lines with a pair of metal rods. Anybody can construct these by dismantling metal coat hangers and r ..

Beneath the Dark Veil of Isis: Experiments with the Pendulum

Today I tested about fifty different substances and thoughts using the technique pioneered by Thomas Lethbridge and met with much success. By perusing and comparing Lethbridge’s results with mine, one can see that the rates for many of the same things are either identical or off by about an inch to an inch-and-a-half at most. Click on the link below to watch my demonstrati ..

Beneath the Dark Veil of Isis: The Discoveries of Thomas Lethbridge

Nowadays, the name of Thomas Charles Lethbridge (1901-1971) might raise a curious glace from a member of the British intelligentsia. Who was this enigmatic man? Educated at Cambridge University, Lethbridge took a degree in archaeology and laboured under the wing of Louis Clarke, the then curator of the Cambridge Archaeological Museum. For a while he remained contented with an exalted ..

Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives interview on his research, lucid dreaming, and OBEs

Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives interview on his research, lucid dreaming, and Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). Click on the link below to watch the interview:  ..

Lucid Dreaming: A Conscious Dream of the Past

My eyes are closed. I lie there, vacillating between sleeping and waking as the tension slowly seeps out through the extremities of my body. The proliferating languor is disarming; I know I should haul myself out of bed otherwise I’ll just end up zonking out. Calling up my last reserves of strength I lift my head off the pillow and examine my immediate surrounds, searching for  ..

Lucid Dreaming: How to Awaken in Your Sleep

Dreams are phenomena we all experience yet seldom discuss. In fact, the omnipresence of dreams in our day-to-day lives would lead one to believe that they might comprise a popular topic for casual conversation amongst co-workers and acquaintances. Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem to be the case! I believe that this indifference to dreams has more to do with the ambiguous and conv ..

Beleaguered by the Black Sun: Three Dreams (Part Three)

Who doesn’t like summer I tell myself, stepping into a pair of black denim shorts, a sleeveless red T-shirt, and my favourite brown sandals. It’s that time of the year when the sun is at its zenith and the soul is unfettered by the monotonous conditions imposed by Western lifestyle. When the centrepiece of our solar system is cheerful, the heart and soul also shine with t ..

Beleaguered by the Black Sun: Three Dreams (Part Two)

God knows how I’ve gotten here, but it seems as though I’m in a subterranean kitchen of some sort. Two strange features of the room is that it has been covered over in jet black paint and that there is a complete absence of air vents installed to divert any vapoury by-products of cooking liable to facilitate oxidization. The rectangular shaped room features a range of sin ..

Beleaguered by the Black Sun: Three Dreams (Part One)

I awake, complacent in my bed. Turning my head sideways, I see that the patterned blinds and curtains had been drawn to allow slivers of morning light to enter my room. It appears that the aurora has arrived. I decide to lie there for a few minutes and soak up the auric atmosphere, the sight of the sun as it ascends to the topmost echelon of the heavens from the eastern horizon. At s ..

Omm Sety: A Life Lived on the Mythic Level (Part Two)

So what position is a viable one to take with respect to Omm Sety’s past life claims and metaphysical experiences? If we took a purely phenomenological perspective, we could argue that everything that transpired between Omm Sety and the disembodied conscious of King Sety was real because she construed it that way. As the intellectual great Carl Jung (1875-1961) postulated ..

Omm Sety: A Life Lived on the Mythic Level (Part One)

I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert… Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked th ..

Omm Sety: A Life Lived on the Mythic Level (Prelude)

The terrain of ancient Egypt has stirred the imagination of the West for time immemorial, or at least since the time the Greek historian Plutarch (c. 46-120ce) travelled there and transcribed the only surviving written version of the renowned folktale Peri Isidos kai Osiridos which involved the divine brother-sister couple of Osiris and Isis. The ancient Greeks themselves saw Egypt as the ..

Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives update on blogs and competition

Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives update on blogs and competition ( In the above YouTube video, Dr. Paul Kiritsis gives a summary of the material traversed in the last four months, the material to come in the next two months, and a small reminder about the "transpersonal psychology" competition fo ..

Dr. Paul Kiritsis Announces the "Transpersonal Psychology" Competition

Postmark deadline: 15th January, 2013 Theme: Spiritual Emergencies Task: You need to select one of the following from your arsenal of life experiences thus far (if you’ve had them) and describe it in detail: a peak experience, a near-death experience, a past-life memory, an opening to life myth, a psychic opening, or a shamanic crisis. Your job is to evoke ..

Unfinished Soul Business: Exploring Phobias through Past and Future Life Memories (Part 2)

In further sessions, we explored the interrelationships between disease pathogens, physical symptoms, tingly and odd little sensations produced by crawling insects on the skin, and the terror of being devoured from the inside-out. The emerging story revealed the complex to be much more deeply ingrained in my multidimensional psyche than previously thought. In an excerpt of the transcript  ..

Unfinished Soul Business: Exploring Phobias Through Past and Future Life Memories

Many years ago I decided to do something about my irrational fear of insects and spiders. To me, flinching every time a cockroach appeared and going into a spasmodic fit when an ant or any other insect crawled onto my arm or leg was anything but ordinary. It embarrassed me immensely, as did my fear of the sight of blood, of towering heights, and of the sea. My reactions to these thi ..

The Psychology of Karma in Past-Life Regression

I think it’s more than safe to assume that certain psychological disturbances like phobias and irrational fears are native to our psychospiritual core. No matter how far back into our past we choose to look they seem to have thick, protracted roots that penetrate to the very centre of who we are, how we interact with other human beings, and how we choose to deal with a  ..

Perspectives on Past-Life Regression

The transpersonal perspective of human consciousness has evolved rapidly over the years to embrace the colourful albeit intellectually sidelined children of spiritism and the occult. These experiences, perceived as spiritual emergencies by a general public starved from the esoteric and psychospiritual depth that is their natural birth right, are as variegated as they are comprehensi ..

Waking to the Reality of the Dreambody: A Personal Account

The following is a transcription (not verbatim) of a consultation that took place many years ago between a noteworthy and respectable physician practicing in John Fawkner Private Hospital in Coburg and myself. It vindicates the existence and undetected movements of the personal and universal dreambody. At the time, I was suffering from debilitating headaches, dizziness,  ..

Arnold Mindell: Defining the Dreambody

One of the most interesting people working in transpersonal psychotherapy today is New Yorker Arnold Mindell. Like a great many other advocates of the humanistic school of thought, Mindell stresses the impartial observation of processes occurring on a psychic and somatic level. “The therapist’s only tool is his ability to observe processes,” he says, emphasizing the pivo ..

Exercises in Active Imagination: The Mythic Journey

According to Jungian ideology we are all a psychological synergy of many archetypes–warrior, puritan, magician, king or queen, noble, sorcerer or sorceress, hero or heroine–yearning for conscious expression. Phenomenologically this makes sense from the perspective that one part of us wants to fight for the rights of the disenfranchised in society; one part wants to lead the m ..

Carl Jung and Active Imagination

Active imagination is a specific therapeutic technique of entering the imaginal world that was pioneered by Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) in the early twentieth century. We could think of it as forced intercourse between two corroborating aspects of being–the ego and the personal unconscious–that make up the transcendent self. Central to the endeavour is the plucking of an imag ..

Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient: Review

At first glance Norman Cousins’ book Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration looks like it might be another preachy rehash of themes and ideas indigenous to contemporary holistic medicine mania. Without meaning to evoke the axiom ‘bigger is better’, the size and thickness of the book definitely facilitate such a pr ..

The Human Brain and its Primary Divisions

(/img/uploads/2012/10/brainparts12.jpg) Simple diagram of the human brain showing its primary divisions. ..

Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind as a Manifestation of Brain

According to cognitive neuroscience the brain and its supporting tissues are the corporeal embodiment of the mind; without it all higher mechanisms of causation including consciousness, language, imagination, and memory would not be possible. In fact, we could probably narrow down our ability to function and form complex levels of interaction with our environment to three specific factors ..

The Survival of Consciousness: Mind as Separate from Brain

Thus far we have discussed the idea that the rich, multifaceted and complex stream of mental life indigenous to the human condition known as the mind or human consciousness is an embodiment of the brain and specifically of the cerebral cortex. According to this equation, the mind is an emergent and higher functional system of the brain manifesting novelty and an unprecedented degre ..

Meet Three of Dr Paul Kiritsis's Subpersonalities

To concretize the discussion on subpersonalities, I will present three specific examples of two-chair work with three of my incalculable subpersonalities. The first is a particularly assertive, conditioned, and powerful by-product of the Centaur or Authentic phase of development; he is Apostle, my inner artist. The second is a narcissistic, blithe, and free-spirited youth by the name  ..

Let's Pretend and See What Comes Out: Subpersonalities

Do you know what a subpersonality is? It’s essentially a part of you or any part which can be personified. It can be the envy you feel when a peer gets the business promotion you were expecting, or the lust you feel when a beautiful stranger happens to brush past you on the sidewalk. It can be the doubt that has plagued you about your ability to perform at competition level or the a ..

The Pivotal Role of Personal Mythology in Psychotherapy and Healing

Do you know what a myth is? Do you think you could dish up a substantial explanation of myth without using the word story, folktale, or fairy-tale? I’ve encountered so many monolithic interpretations of this word from people who supposedly understand its dynamics as to fill a room full of gold florins. Many will purport that myths are primeval, rudimentary, and pre-scientific  ..

Guided Fantasy: An Exercise for Descent into the Unconscious

You may choose to light a few scented white and black candles, spray some aromatic mist around the room, or burn some incense before beginning this technique in guided fantasy which is aimed at reconnecting you with the materia prima, or what Carl Gustav Jung called the collective unconscious. The materia prima is one of the deepest layers of consciousness that unites human beings ..

Guided Fantasy: An Exercise for Spiritual Ascent

You may choose to light a few scented green and blue candles, spray some aromatic mist around the room, or burn some incense before beginning this technique in guided fantasy which is aimed at taking you away from the banal routines of everyday life and inciting ethereal experiences. The positive effects of this practice should be felt in one’s mood and general outlook.  ..

Becoming the Ultimate Perceptive Social Animal

I’m inclined to believe that the world would become a much better place to live in if everybody learned the art of perception–seeing, hearing, and understanding another human being. If people really focused upon seeing another human being through certain visual cues that preclude spoken language and not through their own personal kaleidoscope of perceptions, then incidenc ..

The Healing Power of Meditation: Second Exercise

You may choose to light a few scented white candles, spray some aromatic mist around the room, or burn some incense before beginning this meditative technique which is aimed at developing your astral or psychic body. The positive effects of this development will be felt in hypnagogia and lucid dreaming. First and foremost I want you to find a comfortable space on the floor  ..

The Imaginal World: Guided Fantasy

One of the most important techniques for exploring the inner life was pioneered in the 1930s by French psychotherapist Robert Desoille (1890 –1966). Heavily influenced by the theorization of an unconscious whose foundations were being laid by the likes of Pierre Janet (1859-1947), Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), and Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Desoille developed a very practical method ..

The Healing Power of Meditation

Every individual interested in self-improvement, wellbeing, and pastoral care or self-help methods to free oneself from the hell of unwanted addictions is bound to run into meditation sooner or later. Despite its increasing popularity amidst spiritual seekers, peacemakers, and lovers of harmonious communion with the inner self and with the greater cosmos there appears to be a surplus ..

Negative Transformation: What do Hallucinations Reveal About the Human Condition?

The fact that the steepest descent into madness is usually accompanied by a conscious communion with a pecking order of spiritual entities substantiates the idea that the dynamic of the inner realm has remained much the same over vast expanses of time. Four centuries ago a Catholic or Orthodox priest would have told you you’re suffering demonic possession and that you were in urg ..

Descent into Madness: What Causes This Self-Destructive Transformation?

We often pride ourselves on how far we’ve progressed since the High Middle Ages. We now have automobiles that run on gas and petrol, aeroplanes that break the sound barrier, antibiotics that kill bacterial infections in the body, atom smashers that recreate the birth of our universe, modern telecommunication systems like radio, cable television, and internet that have rendered dista ..

Abraham Maslow and the Psychology of Peak Experiences

(/img/uploads/2012/09/DSCF2877.jpg) A consequence of any chosen lifestyle is that there is bound to be ample repetition. We awake every morning to a set of painstakingly tedious and mindless tasks. Some of these are unconscious and related to the autonomic nervous system; we digest food, respire, perspire, salivate, urinate, and become sexually aroused. Others encompass some degree ..

The Other Self: Listening and Learning from it

Sophie knew that the best brush stroke effects were often achieved when the painter worked without expectations. This was often accompanied by a state of complete relaxation that loosened up all those little muscles in the joints of the hand. She found that successfully attaining this condition enabled her to work with her eyes completely shut. These techniques had been used by the great  ..

The Psychology of Dreams: How To Interpret Them

I’ve never quite been sure as to why people use the axiom “the stuff of dreams”. One might say that owning a house on the Bahamas and being able to live a relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle or winning Tatts lotto is the “stuff of dreams”. But why should dreams be connected with pleasure, success and positive sentimentalities when most of the time they’r ..

Between Sleeping and Waking: Psychology and Hypnagogic States of Consciousness

Very frequently in winter I’ll sprawl myself out onto a warm woollen rug beside the heater with a good book. There’s nothing quite like turning inward and losing yourself in vibrant fiction or non-fiction when things in the real world aren’t quite bending to your will as quickly and as easily as you thought they might. Or when the weather outside implies that another Arm ..

The Riddle of Alchemy: A Secret Desire Transformed (e-book)

I have just finished writing an e-book called "The Riddle of Alchemy: A Secret Desire Transformed" that will very shortly become available for download from this website if you subscribe to it. The e-book examines and puts forth something of immense importance that the Hermetic Art might be trying to tell us about the nature of the universe and the relationship between the unconscious and ..

Emanuel Swedenborg: Spiritualist, Mystic, Seer

“A voice from heaven then said to me: “You shall see and hear”. So I departed into the spirit world and saw before me an opening, which I approached and examined: and behold!, there was a ladder, and by this I descended.” – The True Christian Religion, paragraph 332. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1771) is perhaps the most important interpreter ..

The Labyrinth

The idea of a labyrinth being built beneath the Cnossian temple-palace to imprison the likes of a theriomorphic creature in the Minotaur would, to the rational majority at least, demonstrate outlandish absurdities that the musings of a hyperactive imagination can at times come up with when it has little else to do. Thus to gain a firm grasp or understanding of where the concept of the lab ..

Minoan Lunar Consciousness (Part Two)

Other than adding credibility to the Hermetic tenet of “what is above is like that which is below”, the said experiments introduce alchemical esotericism into the cosmological equation as foremost of the methods through which Minoan consciousness and its foreign modes of thought might be interpreted. Alchemy itself remains an entirely holistic and humanistic science which  ..

Minoan Lunar Consciousness (Part One)

Much speculation surrounds the Minoan civilisation, especially when it comes to issues surrounding racial identity and socio-political concerns hoping to pinpoint the period in which the first Minoans actually settled Crete. What remains certain is that these peoples evolved into a highly sophisticated matriarchal culture and probably reached their apogee during the latter stages of the T ..

Fate or Free Will: Which Will It Be?

Just the other day, I took a walk along the beautiful golf course opposite my house here in Melbourne to clear my mind from hours of writing and found myself wondering why the opposing concepts of “fate” and “free will” have co-existed alongside one another despite the fact that they’re underpinned by opposing philosophies. Have you ever climbed to the t ..

The ancient Greek concept of "fate" and the Judeo-Christian notion of "free will".

The landscape of ancient Greece as descried by classical myth and history brims with seers, fortune tellers and oracles. The most prestigious of these, the Oracle of Delphi, was built in a deep valley beside the chert-tiered limestone slopes of Mt. Parnassus in lower central Greece. Its builders expressed the rugged, raw, imaginative, superstitious and urgently fatalistic nature that so  ..