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Down the Rabbit Hole
Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)



A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper

The precognitive dream is a compelling, real-world phenomenon that still stands outside the purview of orthodox science.

The Creative Advantages of Schizophrenia

The aphorism that madness and creative genius are opposing sides of the same coin predates contemporary psychiatry and has existed since the time of the great Stagirite Aristotle. Schizophrenia is one mental disorder intimately linked with creative thinking and achievement.

Confessions of a Split Mind

Confessions of a Split Mind is a compendium of selected drawings, philosophical dialogues, and two myths from Kiritsis’ personal journal. Collectively they capture an internal conflict between differing aspects of the conceptual self which plays out in every one of us. For the author this phenomenon takes the form of an ongoing war between science and esoteric spirituality. In the author’s idiosyncratic inner world, the former discipline is personified by a male character known as the Unknown Pilot, and the latter by a female character, Solim. The integrated conscious self also appears in the guise of a character named Olyn.

Fifty Confessions

Fifty Confessions (March, 2009) is a collection of free-verse poetry exploring the author’s metaphorical descent into the dark nether regions of his own psyche; one that has been gradually worn down by years of suffering a mystery ailment that has gone undetected. It also revolves around the morbid fears that come when threatened by such an ineluctable destiny. Marked by trials and tribulations, the author’s life is paved by the autoimmune reactions of a conscious mind that makes psychological warfare upon itself; a conscious mind that is forever at odds with everyone else. The circle of confessions are grouped into six sections pertaining to the psychosocial model of stress response, beginning with the illness’s onset and concluding with acceptance and some degree of closure, bringing the reader into his mind as he struggles.

Hermetica: Myths Legends Poems 

Hermetica: Myths, Legends, Poems (September, 2007) is a literary collection which comprises both epic and dramatic verse. This tome is divided into two distinct sections: poetry and prose. The poetry component showcases new work heavily influenced by Platonic and Pythagorean philosophy, otherwise known as Neoplatonic thought. The prose section contains seven stories, five of which explore and extend Egyptian mythology. The other two carry an alchemical flavour and delve into esoteric thought.


Origin: Poems from the Crack of Dawn

Origin: Poems from the Crack of Dawn (2006 and February, 2009) was written over a time frame of two years. Heavily influenced by the philosophy of Ancient Egypt, the entire scope of the work deals with the evolutionary nature of the human mind; both on an individual and collective level. In fact, the poems in the book are divided into four main sections which pertain to the wheel of life; birth, adulthood, old age and death-rebirth, likening human experience to cosmic cycles.