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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


The Mother Goddess

The Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess in the Context of Archetypal Mythology, Narrative, Healing, and Postmodern Spirituality

Save for reflecting the sociocultural milieus and encompassing blueprints for emotional stability, identity, and behaviour in all known cultures, mythical narrative probably emerged, in part, as a mechanism of neural integration and coordination between the dominant and nondominant hemispheres of the brain–in other words to facilitate homeostatic balance and psychosomatic health. In ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: Isis and the Sun God's Secret Name

The ubiquitous Re, mightiest of the Egyptian deities, was known throughout the kingdom of Upper and Lower Egypt by innumerable names. All were common knowledge except one which he shrewdly kept hidden from the conscious awareness of every living creature, divine or mortal, great or small. And the principal motivation for shrouding it? Well, knowledge of such enabled the beholder unin ..

Consciousness, Illness, and Belief: Isis and the Seven Scorpions

After gathering the dismembered parts of her brother-husband, the stoic Isis decided that it would be best to retire to some remote edge near the Nile Delta, a place from where she could gain some perspective on Seth’s inherent nature and calculate her subsequent move. But it wasn’t long before her newfound quietude was interrupted by ibis-headed Thoth, the god of writing, who ..

The Holy Mountain: My Pilgrimage to Moni Vatopedi on Mt. Athos (Part two)

The stand out attractions were the Byzantine clock tower, the refectory (trapeza), and the katholikon or principal church with its visual embellishments. Whilst awaiting consignment at the synodikon I had overheard a senior monk informing one of the other pilgrims that the auburn-coloured katholikon was established sometime in the tenth or eleventh century and thereafter consecrated to th ..

The Holy Mountain: My Pilgrimage to Moni Vatopedi on Mt. Athos (Part One)

Three words spring to mind when I remember Mt. Athos in Greece: belief, beauty, and paradox. The hermits, monks, and priests who take up residence on the Holy Mountain and the pilgrims who sojourn there to escape the supersonic pace of the world often find themselves possessed by a conviction in higher causes, the idea that an omniscient eye of cerulean blue is watchful of planet Earth. I ..

A Short Exposition on the Great Mother Goddess (Part Four)

The rise, fall and subsequent resurgence of the Divine Feminine in Western civilisation can best be understood from a Jungian perspective. In this discourse, I have attempted to apply my deeper understanding of Jungian psychology and the principles of the collective unconscious to elucidate how and why the Earth Mother’s Kundalini was so successful in proliferating and  ..

A Short Exposition on the Great Mother Goddess (Part Three)

As elucidated in the “Cult of Hathor-Isis and the Mother Archetype” articles, the Great Mother archetype belonging to the sphere of the Divine Feminine is the single most important archetype, or energy-laden image, held in the collective unconscious of humanity. It transcends any barriers that might pertain to culture, gender, race or creed. An encounter with the maternal figu ..

A Short Exposition on the Great Mother Goddess (Part Two)

In order to fully grasp the discourse presented in the two articles of the “It’s all Greek to me” educational blog tour entitled, “The Cult of Hathor-Isis and the Mother Archetype” (Part One and Two), it is necessary to provide a brief overview of the Jungian principles used to support my hypothesis on the Divine Feminine and the Great Mother Goddess. The mat ..

A Short Exposition on the Great Mother Goddess (Part One)

Once in a while, an event of great cosmic significance known as a shift of consciousness permeates the universe in which we exist and changes the projected course of human history. Contrary to the dogmatic beliefs of many secular religions, such events aren’t instigated by deities from the starry firmament, nor are they the doings of Father Sky tinkering about with the twelve conste ..

The Trembling Veil of the Virgin Mary (Part Two)

Another honorary title was conferred upon the Virgin Mary shortly afterwards when, at the council of Chalcedon, the Fourth Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church, Patriarch Anatolius of Constantinople declared her Aeiparthenos or “Ever-Virgin”. Save for having inducted her into an illustrious role of honour which included the goddesses Isis and Cybele, the title also elevat ..

The Trembling Veil of the Virgin Mary (Part One)

Few countries around the world enjoy the rich and multi-coloured religious and folk traditions of Greece proper. As the progeny of Greek parentage, I am most fortunate to have experienced the vast majority of these throughout the course of my lifetime. One that always fascinated me as a youngster was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the culmination and most dramatic episode of a sal ..

Eve: The Fallen Goddess

Few people living in the developed countries of the world wouldn’t have heard of the creation account of Genesis central to the mythology of Semitic monotheism. As an exponent of the tribal Arian and Semitic psyche, the myth itself ascribes the creation of our universe to an entirely chauvinistic and compromised male Godhead named Yehovah-Elohim. In actual fact, everything that migh ..

The Cult of Hathor-Isis and the Mother Archetype (Part Two)

The growing independence of masculinity and systematization of ego consciousness in early mankind manifests itself as the moon-god Osiris (Plate 12). It can be inferred that Osiris in his early form is a son-lover of the Great Mother, as the moon is a spiritual symbol of the mother archetype. He is the man-god whom shifts Predynastic Egypt from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society, from ..

The Cult of Hathor-Isis and the Mother Archetype (Part One)

Today we will be looking at the Great Mother archetype, and specifically its evolution in ancient Egypt. In order to see the Plates which accompany the following study you will need to watch the YouTube videos. "The triune cult of the Egyptian Hathor-Nut-Isis is the longest lasting cult in the history of Western Civilization. The cult had its beginnings in the Predy ..