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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)



Update on "Confessions of a Split Mind"

Click on the link below for the video: ..

The Mystery of Give-and-Take

The Mystery of Give-and-Take And I’m always writing, forever rewriting, tying the rough ends of my life together with worn laces– the ill-fated faces, the forbidden places. And I’m always editing, forever editing out irate segues that aren’t compatible with the narrative’s primary hues–  ..

We're all rommmates in a house called madness: Drawing and Poem

We’re all Roommates in a House Called Madness It takes an eclipse to make the subtle and sublime visible, to turn everything upside-down for a single moment. As the light diminishes so too do fluorescent colors taste like Platonic solids and letters like flavored numbers. As the corona appears so too do thought ..

The 2015 Antipodean Palette: Poetry as a Healing Agent

As an extension of the 2015 Antipodean Palette, the Greek Australian Cultural League will host an afternoon of poetry centred about the theme of ‘poetry as a healing agent.' Seven Greek-Australian poets will entertain the audience with pieces intimately connected to the part creativity can play in self-development and healing. Accompanying them will be the special guest poet M.G. Mi ..

Work in Progress: "Confessions of a Split Mind"

Below are pictures from my personal journal, a work which is swiftly evolving into my own version of Jung’s Red Book.  ..

Creative Expression: Poetry as a Healing Agent

Transcribing private thoughts onto paper is undoubtedly one of the most sacred art forms known to humankind. The act of putting words onto a blank slate not only presupposes a changing interpersonal dynamic between an individual and her social environment, but implicitly suggests the existence of an ongoing intrapsychic discourse of the personal self with a silent, unbeknownst audience of ..

The Persistence of Memory: Selected Poems (2004-2014) Now Available from E-Store

The Persistence of Memory: Selected Poems 2004-2014 (2014) combines fifty-four poetic musings composed over the last ten years. Most of the material is hand-picked from my three poetry collections–Origin: Poems from the Crack of Dawn, Hermetica: Myths, Legends, Poems, and Fifty Confessions–and from the reflective philosophical cluster published in the New Jersey-based publicat ..

'Metamorphosis' poetry afternoon presented by Paul Kiritsis

As an extension of the 2014 Antipodean Palette, the Greek Australian Cultural League will host an afternoon of poetry centred about the theme of ‘metamorphosis.' Eight Greek-Australian poets will entertain the audience with pieces intimately connected to the transformation of outer reality and inner mental life. Accompanying them will be special guest poet Judith Rodriguez for what  ..

'The Time Machine' featuring David Messineo

‘The Time Machine’ Date: Friday, 9th August 2013 at 6.00pm Venue: the Workshop Space on the Fourth Floor of The Wheeler Centre at 176 Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne Host: Cathy Alexopoulos and Paul Kiritsis, the President and Vice President of the Greek Australian Cultural League Featuring: David Messineo On Friday 9th August 2013, th ..

The Persistence of Memory: A Letter to Benjamin Franklin

In Philadelphia in 1731, an era most important to America’s cultural and pneumatic evolution, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) establishes the nation’s first library. Though fully operational, the library didn’t begin loaning out books until about 1774, the time period that Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was published. This letter, written in honor of this venerable ..

Singing Against the Silence: A Night of Poetry

As part of the Antipodean Palette 2013, art exhibition, the Greek-Australian Cultural League will be organizing on an afternoon of bi-lingual poetic compositions in its plight to promote the written word. This program will feature select works from nine contemporary Greek-Australian poets: George Athanasiou, Monica Athanasiou, Salome Argyropoulos, Petr Malapanis, Dorothy Poulopoulos, Dean ..

2012: A Visionary Poem from 'Origin: Poems from the Crack of Dawn'

2012 Awakening Slipping in and out of consciousness, His eyelids slowly open; Waking feels so surreal. His body is covered in bruises; His skin tone much darker than before. Noxious gases fill the room, Floating about a sea of confusion That keeps him adrift. Pyres dance around the room To the s ..

The Old World: A dedication to the Cetacean Intelligence

Dedicated to the whales and dolphins, the cetacean intelligence of the seas… In a time before this everyone spoke the same language– The mountains, the seas, the wooded forests of the earth, the stars the rule over our fate, and even the zodiacal beasts that lay entangled in its web. Then, they were all as One; th ..