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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD candidate, DPhil., MA (Psychology), MA (History)

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    Day and night

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    The limits of Darwinism

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    The Gordian Knot

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    The Mind Machine

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  • Mind is on the Other Side of that Boundary

    Mind is on the Other Side of that Boundary

Photos from the Book Launch for Confessions of a Split Mind

Here are some photos from the Confessions of a Split Mind book launch on Saturday 17th February at 12.00pm at the Sofia University Library in Palo Alto. ..

Official Book Launch Announced


Towards an Integrated Theory of Personality and Personal Growth

Remembering the Self: Personal insignia depicting my integrated theory of personal development. What we term the “self” cannot be completely divested from personality and personal growth, and the two are not mutually exclusive terms. What we recognize as an integrated and unremitting sense of self is in fact the product of an ephemeral interaction between tha ..

Confessions of a Split Mind: Pacific Book Review

“In Confessions of a Split Mind, Paul Kiritsis has created something quite unique in the realm of modern publishing. His journal teaches basic aspects of the functioning of the mind along with giving the reader a basic understanding of some of the big philosophical questions as they relate to the brain. Through the creative and often lively argument between The Unknown Pilot, Solim, ..

Confessions of a Split Mind: Review by US Review of Books

SOLIM: I struggle to understand how random activations in functionally specialized regions of an input-deprived cortex could somehow translate into a meaningful, complex, and symbolically rich experience on the phenomenological level." In the question of God versus the natural world, there are many ways to align yourself. Some strictly adhere to scientific thinking or religious  ..

Confessions of a Split Mind: Press Release

Underlying processes of a split mind revealed Narration that Demonstrates the Universal Plight for Meaning and Purpose The book begins with a quote by Antonin Artaud: “Nobody has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except to literally get out of hell.” Confessions of a Split Mind is a compendium of  ..

Metamorphosis Through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective

The long-awaited Cambridge Scholars publication, “Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective” is now out. It contains Paul’s expository chapter on precognitive dreams as well as other articles on a wide array of transpersonal topics–everything from the resurgence of the aesthetically feminine, the role of psychedelics in encounters wi ..

Straddling Worldviews: Reality through the eyes of a modern mystic

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the congenial, effervescent Charity Ann Ross [or C’ante Was’te Winyan, denoting “Woman with a Good Heart” in the Dakota Sioux language], a woman who lives with one foot in a materialistic, linear universe on which the hegemony of the Western mind sciences are predicated and the other in the animistic, non-material univer ..

The Chicken-Egg Debate: The Co-occurance of Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder

Comorbid drug addiction and mental illness appears to be just one of innumerable manifestations of the philosophical conundrum known as the chicken-egg debate. Even if the clinical literature has intimated an inexplicable link between the entwined phenomena, nobody can profess with any quanta of confidence as to whether the implied relationship is causal or correlational; is mental illnes ..

Paul Kiritsis announces topic for the Fourth Dorothea Dix Award

Paul Kiritsis is pleased to announce the fourth Dorothea Dix Award for all those who have overcome or battled mental or physical illness, disability, or injury. For 2017, entrants are required to answer the following question in 800-2500 words. Back from the Brink: Anomalous Healing Experiences Under the contemporary medical model anomalous healings are usually constr ..