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    Down this rabbit hole you will find opalescent mythic pearls, golden specks of historical dust and a body of long-forgotten occult treasures...

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Subliminal Uprush: The Survival Hypothesis

Epilogue: The Survival Hypothesis Solim: It has come to my attention that you’ve recently become interested in the topic of reincarnation Olyn. Olyn: That’s right. But I’ve always been interested in the topic so it isn’t anything completely new. Over the last decade I’ve spent time reading some of Ian Stevenson’s work on children who remem ..

Subliminal Uprush: Creativity and the Plight for Convalescence

Part Seven: Creativity and the Plight for Convalescence The Unknown Pilot: What are you doing over there Solim? Solim: I’ve been pondering this quote by Antonio Artaud. The Unknown Pilot: Care to share it with me? Solim: “Nobody has ever written, sculpted, moulded, built, or invented except literally to get out of  ..

Subliminal Uprush: Deficits and Excesses, the Passions of the Brain

Olyn: I, Paul Solim: Anima The Unknown Pilot: Animus Part Six: Deficits and Excesses, the Passions of the Brain The Unknown Pilot: A penny for your thoughts Olyn? Olyn: I was just thinking about the human brain. The Unknown Pilot: Mother Nature’s crown jewel, wrought by natural selection…  ..

Subliminal Uprush: The Power of Belief

Olyn: I, Paul Solim: Anima The Unknown Pilot: Animus Part Five: The Power of Belief Solim: You really enjoy interpreting your dreams Olyn, don’t you? Olyn: Oh, yes! I love it. I feel that even though the unconscious speaks through metaphor and symbol, it can illuminate so many psychological and spiritual truths about th ..

The Mad Genius Link: The Connection Between Schizophrenia and Creativity

Derived from the Hellenistic words “skhízein” and “phrḗn” (literally split-mind) schizophrenia is a complex heterogeneous disorder wrought by both genetic and environmental factors, relegating affected individuals to suboptimum levels of functioning in personal, social, and vocational domains. Schizophrenia affects about 1.1% of the world’s populat ..

Subliminal Uprush: Determinism and Nondeterminism, Fate and Free Will

Olyn: I, Paul Solim: Anima The Unknown Pilot: Animus Part Four: Determinism vs. Non-Determinism Olyn: It’s one of the big questions without doubt. Actually, I’m not sure how wise it is to open up such a profound discussion. The Unknown Pilot: How come? Olyn: Well, you’re both opinionated and h ..

Subliminal Uprush: Precognition

Olyn: I, Paul Solim: Anima The Unknown Pilot: Animus Part Three: Precognition The Unknown Pilot: Do you believe that some people can see the future, Olyn? Olyn: Most definitely–everybody can. Solim: Ha! Asking somebody who has studied and written on precognitive dreams if they believe people can see the futur ..

The Chicken-Egg Debate: The Co-occurrence of Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder

Comorbid drug addiction and mental illness appears to be just one of innumerable manifestations of the philosophical conundrum known as the chicken-egg debate. Even if the clinical literature has intimated an inexplicable link between the entwined phenomena, nobody can profess with any quanta of confidence as to whether the implied relationship is causal or correlational; is mental illnes ..

Subliminal Uprush: The Voice Phenomenon

Olyn: I, Paul Solim: Anima The Unknown Pilot: Animus Part Two: The Voice Phenomenon The Unknown Pilot: I like this new drawing of yours. Olyn: The Gordian Knot? The Unknown Pilot: Yeah, what does it symbolize? Olyn: I would say the many aspects of self, the inner parts comprising the human personality. People assume d ..

The Gordian Knot from Confessions of a Split Mind