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    Down this rabbit hole you will find opalescent mythic pearls, golden specks of historical dust and a body of long-forgotten occult treasures...

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Anomalous experiences: Transformational Crises or Pathological Psychoses?

Psychology has a monumental role to play when it comes to understanding and contextualizing anomalous experiences. The first strides, from a historical perspective, were made by Stanislav and Christina Grof who developed the related terms spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency (Grof & Grof, 1989; 1990). Save for being interrelated they represent a continuum of experience. Accordi ..

Paul Kiritsis announces the Winner of the Third Dorothea Dix Award

After considerable deliberation, Paul Kiritsis elected Disempowering Support by Stevie Wills as the winner of the third Dorothea Dix Award. The annual prize will be presented at the monthly meeting of the Jung Society of Melbourne in due course. Disempowering Support accurately describes some of the pejorative and unjust collective attitudes propagated under the hegemony of a cont ..

Straddling Worldviews: Reality Through the Eyes of a Modern Mystic

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the congenial, effervescent Charity Ann Ross [or C’ante Was’te Winyan, denoting “Woman with a Good Heart” in the Dakota Sioux language], a woman who lives with one foot in a materialistic, linear universe on which the hegemony of the Western mind sciences are predicated and the other in the animistic, non-material unive ..

Know Thyself: An Interview with Self

If you could be anything in the world what would it be? The wind, for it is unencumbered and expands. If you could describe your life using a song, which would it be? Cancao do Mar, Song of the Sea, by Dulce Pontes If you were a color, which would it be? Powder blue, the color of serenity and unity. If you were an ancient deity, who might that be? Eros, the Go ..

Anomalous Experiences: What are they?

An anomalous experience can be defined as a subjective, idiosyncratic, and/or uncommon experience that is incongruent and/or deviates from the sociocultural-mediated understanding of consensus reality accepted as veridical, normative, and empirically valid by the collective prerogative. This definition is consistent with the definition given by Cardena, Lynn, and Krippner (2000) who desc ..

Creativity: Definition, Research, and Measurement

Taken at face value the word creativity is fairly vague, ambiguous, and leaves the doors wide open for idiosyncratic interpretation. Depending on one’s individual biases it can be construed as imagination, novelty, originality, genius, talent, giftedness, the avant-garde, and other synonymous terms. Creativity derives from the verb “to create,” meaning to bring somethin ..

The Shared Vulnerability Model of Creativity and Psychopathology

One very promising framework for understanding the creativity-psychopathology connection is the shared vulnerability model (Carson, 2011). As suggested by the title the model wasn’t propounded just with schizophrenia in mind; it applies to all expressions of psychopathology which have demonstrated a veritable connection to creativity (i.e. the schizospectrum disorders, the bipolar ..

The Judgment of the Hemispheres

When the Universe became equivocal about which of the two cerebral hemispheres was better serving the human race it invited both to a festivity in honor of human flourishing and suggested that the two contest the right to ascension; whoever gave the most impressive and pleasing answer to a philosophical question posed by the universe would ultimately win evolutionary rights to unprecede ..

Creativity and its relation to Schizophrenia

In pondering the initial semblance of schizophrenic psychosis and its evolutionary trajectory over the last century, one might begin to wonder why such a maladaptive condition should persist in the human gene pool over successive generations. There are ostensible detriments associated with the development of mental illness in all areas of life–personal, interpersonal, occupational ..

The Treatment of Schizophrenia

Without a doubt, the zealous prescription and sometimes overprescription of neuroleptic medications dominating the treatment and management of acute schizophrenic disturbances today is residue from an anachronistic Kraepelinian epoch most fallacious in its core assumption that the phenomenology of psychosis was tantamount to brain disease (Bentall, 2003). Most congruent with ..