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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Meditation: Exploring Time and Space

Paul Kiritsis - Saturday, November 09, 2013

Below are some meditation exercises you can try that explore the concept of time and space:


Exercise 1

Relax and centre.

Look at something, anything in your surroundings, and realise it is part of your arena of existence. See how you experience it as being separate to you.

As you look at your chosen object realise it is part of what helps make you uniquely you.

Realise in this present moment, in this present space, you are simply yourself.

Continue looking at your chosen object, fully experiencing it as you do, while at the same time realising you are separate from this object. Your experience includes all duality and is beyond duality. You can be one with anything and yet separate at the same time.


Exercise 2

Relax and centre.

Sit in a chair and simply let whatever wants to emerge do just that. Don’t do anything with it, don’t censor or judge yourself, just be. Allow yourself to experience fully whatever emerges in your awareness.

As you do this, you will find your attention is broken; things happen which stop you fully experiencing the flow of emerging figures. Pay attention to these ‘breaks’, noting how they emerge, where they emerge from, how they affect you, how persistent they are, and how easily you can control them.


Exercise 3

Relax and centre.

Recall a valuable or desirable experience from your past. Allow yourself fully to see, hear and feel this experience.

What qualities were there in this experience? What differentiated it from other experiences not so valuable or desirable?

Now recall a second experience that you value from your past. Again allow yourself to see, hear, and feel this experience in the fullest way you possibly can.

What made this experience valuable? How did it differ from a less desirable experience?

Focus your awareness on the similarities between these two experiences. Try to see how desirable experiences move you towards oneness, and reconnect you to the unity our of which you originally emerged.


Exercise 4

Sit upright and simply allow your thoughts, feelings and senses to emerge. Do not do anything with the flow of awareness, just let it happen.

Then ask yourself: what are my resistances? What walls do I build which interrupt the flow of experience?

Allow yourself to experience the flow of awareness and the ways that block this awareness.

Now once again watch your flow of awareness and each time you feel yourself interrupt it say to yourself: “I don’t know what is going to happen but I am not going to resist it.”



From Walking Through Walls: Practical Esoteric Psychology (1990) by Will Parfitt

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