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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


Precognitive Dreams and the Collective Unconscious: Paul Kiritsis at the Swedenborg Society

Paul Kiritsis - Friday, July 03, 2015


Paul Kiritsis will present his research into precognitive dreams at the Swedenborg Society of Melbourne whose meetings are held at 426 High Street Road, Mount Waverley, VIC. The lecture and discussion will take place on 31st July 2015 at 8.00pm.  


Lecture and Discussion

Precognitive Dreams and the Collective Unconscious

Paul Kiritsis’s Dreamscaping Without My Timekeeper: A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams (2013) is a comprehensive study into the precognitive faculty and its implications from a transpersonal perspective. Through the transcription, categorization, and analysis of fifty-one dream fragments belonging to fifteen participants, Kiritsis has established a strong case for precognition as an authentic and ‘normative’ aspect of human consciousness. In this lecture Paul will give a brief outline of what precognitive dreams actually are; he will proceed onto a historiographical expose of same very famous examples; he will then discuss his research in the context of Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, elucidating how telegnostic projections actually support the objective existence of a ‘shared mind’; and finally he will lay bare the implications of a postmodern worldview that openly acknowledges such phenomena.   


Biographical Information

Paul Kiritsis (1979- ) is a scholar and professional writer with interests that straddle cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, and the philosophy of mind on one end and esotericism, comparative religion, and mythology on the other. He holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Speech (Latrobe University); a Master of Western Esotericism (Exeter University); and a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, Master of Metaphysical Science, and Doctor of Philosophy (Sedona University). He is currently completing the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree at Sofia University [formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology] in Palo Alto, California.

Last year, Kiritsis inaugurated the Dorothea Dix Award, enabling those who have suffered mental/physical illness, disability, or injury, a chance at recognition through the written word. He is involved with various non-profit organizations; formerly the Vice President of the Greek-Australian Cultural League, he is now both the newly elected Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Psychological Association of Graduate Students (SFPAGS) and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students' (APAGS) campus representative for Sofia University. He is the author of 240 articles on psychology and psychotherapy and twelve books, and is the recipient of thirteen awards, including the Paracelsus Award which honours and recognizes outstanding web resources.



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