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Paul Kiritsis, PsyD Clinical Psychology, DPhil., MA (History)


The Magus of Strovolos: Glossary of Terms

Paul Kiritsis - Saturday, October 05, 2013

Chakras: Psychoneotic centers on the etheric-double of the individual. It is through the chakras that the human personality absorbs etheric vitality for its maintenance. Through appropriate discipline and meditation exercises the mystic tries to open his chakras for the acquisition of psychonoetic powers. To a clairvoyant the chakras appeal like revolving discs.

Elementals: Thought forms. Any feeling or any thought that an individual projects is an elemental. They have shape and a life of their own independent of the one who projected them.

Etheric-double: The energy field that keeps the three bodies (the gross material, psychic, and noetic) alive and linked to one another. Each particle of the body has its corresponding etheric-double. It is etheric vitality that makes healing possible. The universe is filled with etheric energy. It can be transferred from one individual to another, and it is absorbed through the chakras.

Exomatosis: The ability to wilfully abandon one’s body, live fully conscious within the psychoneotic dimensions and then return back to the body. It implies remembering whatever one experiences in the out-of-body state.

Gross material body: One of the three bodies that make up the present self-conscious personality. The material body. That part of one’s personality that lives within the gross material world, the three-dimensional world. The lowest expression of self. The center of the gross material body is the chakra of the solar plexus.   

Higher noetic world: The world of ideas, of the archetypes. The world of causes and laws that provide the foundations of all phenomenal reality.

Holy Monad: The component parts of the Absolute. Each Holy Monad emanates myriads of rays that pass through different archetypes and acquire shape and phenomenal existence. When one such irradiation passes through the Idea of Man, a human personality is constructed. Humans who belong to the same Holy Monad have a particular affinity for one another.

Holy Spirit: The impersonal superconsciousness which expresses the power of the Absolute, making the creation of the universe possible. The dynamic part of the Absolute.

Holyspiritual: That which pertains only to the Holy Spirit. Animals live within a holyspiritual state. They lack the logoic expression of the Absolute, that is, they lack self-consciousness. Man is both logoic and holyspiritual.     

Idea of Man: An eternal archetype within the Absolute. Once an emanation of the Hoy Monad passes through the Idea of Man, human existence begins.

Invisible helpers: Masters who live on the psychic and noetic dimensions and are invisible to material eyes. Also masters who live within the gross material dimension but who carry our exomatosis and assist humans living within the gross as well as the other dimensions.

Karma: The law of cause and effect. The sum total of a person’s actions, thoughts and feelings that determine his successive states of existence. A person is fully responsible for the creation of his Karma, his destiny. The attainment of Theosis implies transcending one’s Karma.        

Law of cause and effect: See Karma.

Logos: The part of the Absolute that makes possible the existence of self-consciousness and free will. As eternal entities men are both logoic and holyspiritual. Animals are only holyspiritual. Jesus as the Christ Logos represents the most complete expression of the logoic nature of the Absolute. The more spiritually advanced a human entity is, the more the logoic part of him is dominant.

Mind: The means by which the unmanifest Absolute expresses Itself. Mind is the supersubstance by which all the universes, all the dimensions of existence, are constructed. Everything is Mind.

Noetic body: One of the three bodies that make up the present self-conscious personality. The body of thoughts. The noetic body exists within the noetic world, the fifth dimension. Its image is identical with the other two bodies. The center of the noetic body is the chakra of the head.

Noetic world: The fifth dimension. Within the noetic world, space as well as time are transcended. A human entity living within the noetic world can travel instantly, not only over vast distances but also across time.   

Permanent personality: That part of ourselves upon which the incarnational experiences are recorded and are transferred from one life to the next. Our inner self.             

Present personality:  What is commonly known as the personality of the individual. It is made up of the noetic, psychic, and gross material bodies. The present personality is the lowest expression of ourselves which is constantly evolving and tends to become one with the permanent personality.

Psychic body: One of the three bodies that constitute the present self-conscious personality. The body of feelings and sentiments having as its centre the chakra of the heart. The psychic body lives within the psychic world, the fourth dimension. Its image is identical with the other two bodies, the gross material and the noetic.  

Psychic world: The fourth dimension. Within the psychic world space is transcended. An individual living within the psychic world can travel instantly over vast distances.

Sacred discs: See Chakras.

Soul:   That part of ourselves which is pure and uncoloured by earthly experience. The soul is beyond the Idea of Man, beyond all manifestation. It has never been born and it will never die. It is that part of ourselves which is qualitatively identical with the Absolute. The soul is our divine essence, unchangeable and eternal.  

Theosis: The final stage in the evolution of the self after it has undergone the experience of gross matter through successive incarnations. Reunification with the Godhead.

World of Ideas: See Higher noetic world.


From Homage to the Sun: The Wisdom of the Magus of Strovolos by Kyriacos C. Markides.

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